Colorado Real Estate Licensing Programs




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Colorado requires completion of six courses and successful passing of the state exam prior to issuance of a license. The state exam is comprised of two sections, the General real estate section and the Colorado section. AREI is consistently ranked highest for state exam passing rate.

The General portion of the exam will test the student on real estate terms and concepts applicable universally. The Colorado portion of the exam will cover Colorado specific statutes and rules, Colorado approved real estate forms, real estate closings and accounting of earnest monies and security deposits. The six courses required for licensing are:

(1) Law & Practice (General section) (2) Colorado Contracts and Regulations (Colorado section) (3) Real Estate Closings (Colorado section) (4) Trust Accounts and Record Keeping (Colorado section) (5) Practical Applications (non-testable course) (6) Current Legal Issues.

The AREI program also includes Examination Techniques which allows you to continuously gauge your progress and prepare for the state examination. By Statute, students must successfully complete all six courses prior to attempting the state exam. With school approval, students may begin the program with an initial payment of 50% books and tuition. The balance to be paid within three weeks from the enrollment date.




The live classroom program is $1,050 which includes all materials, instruction, tutoring and instructor hot-line.
A number of options are available for live classroom presentations including part time mornings, part time evenings, or full time. You may complete the program in five week part times, 3.5 weeks in the full-time program, or at your own speed with our online or hybrid programs,

Our main campus is located in the Denver Technological Center at 4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 850, Denver, Colorado 80237.




The AREI online program is available to those who are not able or choose not to attend classroom sessions. The online program is $799 and includes all materials, video instruction, and the instructor hot-line.
Online students may complete the program at their own pace. AREI recommends completion of the program within three months. Students will benefit from our Instructor Hotline available upon demand. Students should plan on devoting 168 hours to complete the full program (two hours each day to complete over a 3 month period, or 3 hours a day to complete in a two month period, etc.).Online students receive the same materials as classroom students. In addition, you will benefit from video presentations of each module which will provide comprehensive depth of understanding and mastery of the materials. As questions may arise you can instant message, call, text or email your instructor for explanation and assistance.




To provide the greatest level of flexibility, AREI can also customized our program blending classroom and distance learning. You will determine which class sessions you might attend while completing the balance as a distance learning student. All of the benefits of a full classroom program will be available to you plus the added flexibility of distance learning. Our blended learning program is $1,090 which includes all materials, instruction, tutoring and instructor hot-line.

To enroll click the button below. From the drop down menu titled “Select a course or program/Course name” click “Broker Associate Distance Learning” or “Broker Associate Classroom.” You will be contacted by school staff who will provide online video access and arrange for delivery of course materials.