简单的答案是“每个人”! 网赌好用的软件经纪公司总是在寻找下一个富有成效的网赌好用的软件经纪人. 他们知道,不管市场状况如何,一个具有强烈职业道德的新被许可人将获得成功. AREI不打算将新代理人委托给任何一家特定的公司. We do not indoctrinate students into a specific or generic system. 网赌好一点的软件希望能帮助新代理商确定哪些选择是可行的, different types of brokerage firms, variations in commission fee splits, 支付的费用, 培训机会, 等. 此外, 网赌好一点的软件将为学生提供在课堂上会见潜在雇佣经纪人的机会. 您将有机会了解不同的系统,并向经纪人/业主提出问题. As desired you might schedule one-on-one interviews with various employing brokers. 这个过程允许大量的暴露和洞察不同的可用机会. AREI建议你和尽可能多的经纪人谈谈,因为你的决定可以作为你在网赌好用的软件行业职业生涯的跳板.




Choosing a broker is a very important step in pursuit of your new career. 如今,大多数关联经纪人都是独立的承包商,他们可能要承担部分或全部的费用,比如执照费, 美国职业足球大联盟的费用, 网赌好用的软件经纪人费, 名片, 骑手迹象, 等. The employing brokerage firm might provide desk space, 电话, 秘书的帮助, 迹象, 合同形式, 其他必要的工具, 最重要的是, 指导, 培训, 和监督. 不管任何一种情况的具体情况,都会有一个预先确定的佣金计划. The commission “split” might be determined any number of ways.




假设销售价格为25万美元.00 and a commission of 6% (There is no “set” commission rate, commissions are strictly by agreement between the company and the client). 在这个例子中,让网赌好一点的软件假设一半的佣金将提供给买方经纪人的公司.

总佣金是$250,000 X .06 = $15,000
The Lisiting Company receives 50% or $7,500.00
The Selling Company receives 50% or $7,500.00
The associate receives 35% of the total (70/30 split) or $5,250.00

在这个费用水平下划分, 公司通常会支付合伙人经纪人的很多费用,而合伙人的收入是税前净收入. 有许多不同的佣金时间表和奖金计划,范围到100%的佣金计划. 在这类计划中, 销售人员收取所有的佣金(合作交易总额的50%),并每月或每笔交易向经纪人支付固定的费用.

在选择办公室时,最重要的因素之一是经纪人对培训的重视, 工具和系统. 在你的执照前培训之后, you will be well versed in the legalities, 规则, 规定, and complexities of the real estate profession. 然而,关于实际上市、展示、销售或谈判,你还有很多要学. 因此, 你需要通过办公室培训计划和继续教育一步步地指导你. 最成功的经纪人从不偏离帮助他们获得最初成功的基本原则. A good 培训 program will help insure your success.

The size of the company is important only in as much as your comfort zone. 许多人喜欢在大公司工作,而另一些人觉得在小公司工作更舒服. You therefore, should interview both to determine where you prefer to be.

还有其他因素需要考虑,例如办公室的位置与你的家和“农场区域”的关系。. (你可能在办公室和不在办公室的时间一样多,所以这是一个重要的考虑因素. The facilities of the office are also important. What image is projected as a client or customer walks in the door? Do the 迹象, cards, and letterhead look professional? Do the salespeople appear well dressed and professional? 在做决定之前,和一些员工和其他同事见面可能是个好主意. Attendance at a sales meeting or 培训 sessions might help you decide. What is the general reputation of this firm? 雇佣经纪人可能会要求你加入全国网赌好用的软件经纪人协会®. By so doing, they have sworn to abide by a very strict code of ethics. 向公众和其他业内人士询问有关公司诚信和服务的问题.
If, 在你做出决定之后, you feel it was not the correct one, 然后尽快转移. 不要拖延时间. It can be expensive (loss of listings, 等.)去更换经纪人,但如果需要这么做,那就赶快做,不要回头看. Frequent changes will damage your personal image so choose carefully. Choosing a broker is an important step in pursuing your real estate career. 仔细面试是非常重要的,因为这会影响你的成功或失败.




There are many resources available to you when searching for an employing broker. Due to the high caliber of our graduates, and our desire to assist you in this very important decision, 在AREI期间,您将有很多机会听到潜在的经纪人向您介绍他们的项目. 此外,你可以考虑;
1. Ads under Real Estate Sales and attendance at career nights.
2. 推动你选择工作的领域,确定哪些公司在该领域是活跃的.
3. Ask for broker referrals from other students, your friends and family. AREI与许多雇佣的经纪公司有关系,通常可以提供符合你需求的推荐.
4. 计划与至少四到五家不同的经纪人进行面谈,这些经纪人有大有小. Ask questions as well as answer questions.




在你寻找雇佣经纪人的过程中,你应该计划拜访一些经纪人. Remember, interview as well as be interviewed. There are a number of areas that you should address during this interview process. 经纪人对问题的一般回答应该以深入的询问跟进. 例如, 如果经纪人表示他们有“非常棒的培训”,你应该要求查看培训时间表. 是正式的还是随便抓? 主题是什么? Ask to see the 培训 manual or course synopsis. 谁将进行培训,你能见那个人或甚至旁听培训课程吗. A few of the questions you might ask are summarized below.

1. Does the firm specialize in a particular type of brokerage? Are you interested in this type of specialization?
2. Is the broker’s office in an area where you want to work?
3. How many offices does the broker have?
4. How many associates does the broker have? How many are in the business less than one year, two years. How many new agents are still around after 2 years and how much are they making?
5. How much support personnel are available to you (secretaries, 事务管理器, 显示服务, 意见的, 电话接听服务, 等.)?
6. Does the broker offer a formal 培训 program? Is there a formal 培训 schedule? 谁负责培训? 你能旁听培训课程吗? Can you review the 培训 materials?
7. 是否有额外的培训?
8. 如果你在工作时间或周末需要帮助,经纪人或销售经理是否有空?
9. Is the broker a member of the National Association of Realtors?
10. Will you be expected to be a member, and what are the fees involved?
11. 佣金制度是怎样的? (a. 清单,b. 销售,c. 公司d. 合作社委员会)
12. 定期召开销售会议吗?
13. 有奖金计划吗? At what point is a bonus or commission increase paid?
14. When do you receive your commission checks? 在关闭? 每月等.?
15. What type of insurance benefits are offered? (If an associate is an independent contractor, the broker may not pay benefits.) a. 医院,乙. 生活中,c. 伤亡,d. errors-omissions
16. Are the office facilities efficient and modern?
17. Does the broker have an office policy manual, an associate broker contract? Can you receive copies to read at your leisure?
18. What services does the broker offer? a. 家庭保修计划,b. 转介服务,c. 美国职业足球大联盟,. 贷款,e. 标题、f. 领先一代,等等.
19. Do you feel you can fit in with the other associates?
20. 现在有多少人受雇于经纪人,这些经纪人的平均收入是多少? Does the broker employ part-time agents? 少于1年(和2年)工作经验的律师的成功率(收入)是多少?
21. Will you be an employee or an independent contractor? Can you review the independent contractor agreement?
22. What are the initial costs of getting started in the office, and who pays? a. 迹象, 骑手迹象 and 名片, b. 当地网赌好用的软件经纪人委员会会费,c. MLS和计算机费用,d. advertising and advertising policy, e. selling aids, listing presentations, scripts..
23. 这家公司成立多久了?
24. What is the average price of homes sold?
25. Who will be at my first few closings?
26. 什么是经纪关系是允许的(有些公司不允许助理作为代理人, 只有transaction-brokers, does this fit your personality and goals)?
27. What does this firm offer you to ensure success?
28. What, if any, affiliated business relationships does the firm maintain? Are there allowances for the associate to develop new or additional AfBA’s?

这只是面试阶段需要解决的问题的总结列表. As you proceed through the AREI program you will meet a number of employing brokers. You will be exposed to many different business models and systems. 在网赌好一点的软件的课程结束时,您将准备好进行面试过程,并自信地确定您的选择经纪人.

Best wishes for a wonderful, successful real estate career. 如果我现在或将来能为您服务,请随时亲自打电话给我.


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